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Start of a Blog - Why?

Why a blog? Why now?

Creating a blog is something I have thought about starting for a year now and I finally said why not?! Here's my why:

My "Why"

First thing's first, I've never been a writer. My goal here isn't to have a perfectly pleasing blog that everyone just raves about. This blog is for myself and whoever wants to support me. I have two parts to my "why" - one half is for myself and the other is to reach as many women as I can that are just like me. Let me dig deeper.

As I get older, I notice that I have things that I just want to write out. I mean thoughts and experiences, life hacks, recipes, every day life. I needed this to use as a creative outlet, a place to get it all out and easily accessible. I want to have this blog to look back on years from now and see all that I lived through. I am 25 years old and have so much life to live. I want this to be my own personal diary that I can share with my best friends - you guys!

On the other hand, I think it's so important, especially at my age, to support other women. Our 20's are tough. We are trying to find our place in this huge, crazy world. Mental illnesses are at a peak! We may have went to school for something we really don't want to do after all and are struggling through that. We may have been bullied all throughout school and still have those insecurities. We may have religious beliefs that friends/family do not agree with. Maybe you're a SAHM that just wants some girlfriends to chat with. We are all in different seasons of life. We are in a time of social media. It's easy to compare ourselves to others: success, appearance, lifestyle. Maybe you just feel alone, stressed or behind in life. But that's why I'm here - to be whatever you need me to be - the friend you lost, the sister you never had, your loudest motivator, your biggest supporter. Whatever you need. I am all for #womensupportingwomen so let's begin this journey together, have some laughs along the way and come out stronger!

I work from home and have so much extra time in the day. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job - I am an affiliate manager for an advertising company - but it doesn't give me the fulfillment I need. It doesn't make me feel like I am making a difference in the world. That's the goal, right? To make a difference? I do, however, have a passion for connecting with you! And with each sweet DM I receive on IG, I love knowing I am making someone's day just a little brighter! I have the time and chance to meet so many other gal pals just like me! And if I can help just one person or be a good influence to one person... well why would I not? Am I jumping out of my comfort zone? Definitely. But this is our time to be creative! To get out of our comfort zone and stand strong. So that's it - that's the "why" behind the start of My Life Daily Blog. So let's get to chatting, I have some BFF's to make! :)

Motivational quote: Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.


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