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Fridge Organizing Hack!

Looking to organize your fridge at home? I have a secret hack and I’m sharing here!

Display Technologies works to ensure you have the best displays and works to maximize your shelf space. Two of their impressive products include the Fridge-Plus and Visi-FAST; these are going to be your go-to solutions for organizing at home! [ad]


The Fridge-Plus (available on Amazon) is the perfect way to keep product neatly stocked! These are compact and can be used in your refrigerator, pantry, mini-fridge and more!

More about Fridge-Plus:

+ Functional – Fits most 12oz, 16oz, and 20z products

+ Versatile – Fill with canned soups, beans, veggies, sauces, drinks, ANYTHING

+ Minimalistic – Gives super sleek look!

+ Capacity – Can hold up to 20 bottles/cans

+ Spring load feature

+ Zero assembly needed!


You may also want to check out the Visi-FAST (also available on Amazon), another great option! Visi-FAST is similar to the Fridge-Plus since it is also durable, functional and versatile. However, it is different because Visi-FAST is also customizable, detachable and holds a higher capacity. Visi-FAST holds up to 80 cans/bottles with 10 rows that can easily be broken apart so you can use as many as you need!

Organize with me!

For a while now, I’ve known my home fridge could definitely use the help when it comes to organizing! I chose to organize my fridge with the help of the Fridge-PLUS Pusher Glide. This option is affordable and helped to optimize ALL of my fridge space! I am able easily able to stock and restock the Fridge PLUS with a variety of drinks. The spring load feature pushes all drinks to the front so I can easily see what is available. So cool! Check it out!

Already thinking of all of the ways you can organize with these?! Check them out below!

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